In Sync - Ring Rental

Sign-Up for Ring Rental is now open!

Ring Rental is available for $15 per 1/2 hour or $30/hour for one person.

You may invite others to join you at an additional cost of $5/person/half hour or $10/person/full hour (up to 3 people total).

 Click below to sign up!


You may rent either the “Turf Ring” or the “Blue Ring”

The “turf ring” has the TotalSportsSurfaces artificial turf with rubber infill. The “turf ring” will have a complete agility or jumpers course set up.

The “blue ring” has the Comfort King Crown Matting. The “blue ring” may be used for obedience, nosework, agility skills and drills etc. Feel free to move equipment in the “blue ring” – simply return it to where it was when you leave.

Please pay attention to which ring you are signing up to use. If you can’t make the time you signed up for please remove your name so others can sign up.

Of course, if you have any questions please email me at: