In Sync FUNdamentals Classes

All classes run for 6 weeks

75 minutes per week



Class Dates: Tuesday Afternoons 

Class Description 

In this class YOU will learn how to become a skilled dog trainer and your pup will reap the benefits!  This class should be your fist stop after Puppy Class.  If you have an older / already experienced sport dog who is missing some of the FUNdamentals this class is for you too!

We will cover the “whys” and “hows” of dog training.  We’ll touch on operant and classical conditioning so you understand why your dog is doing what they are doing and how you can shape their behavior into what YOU want!  Positive reinforcement will be used to create a balance between impulse control and drive and passion within your dog. 

Your dog will learn to ignore distractions in order to listen to and focus on you.  He/she will also learn to be confident staying in a location whether that ( or regardless if it is…) is a dog bed at home or a start line in a competition.  Games will be taught so that your dog races to you on a recall or after an agility obstacle.

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